Harley-Davidson top rebuilds made easier

C-Clipper shipping for Harley-Davidson

Bux Tools is now shipping the Harley-Davidson version of its widely used C-Clipper™, a unique tool for installing wrist pin clips.

The traditional ways of installing wrist pin clips – especially the second clip, with the piston installed – all demand a high degree of dexterity and patience. Patience, because those heavy gauge Harley-Davidson clips can fly to who knows where if your pliers lose their grip.

Another cause for concern is integrity of the installation. Conventional methods can easily overstress the clip, reducing its diameter below the safe limit for secure seating in the groove – an expensive liability. In addition, pliers can mutilate the wrist pin bore, causing you more aggravation the next time you have to remove the pin.

C-Clipper™ takes the effort and uncertainty out of the job. It is a one-shot, sure-fire way of installing clips in just a few seconds, no matter what the make of piston or length of wrist pin. It works just as well installing clip #1 on the bench, or clip #2 on the assembled piston.

C-Clipper™ kits are available for a wide range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines using both original and after-market pistons.

For more information about this product or any other in the C-Clipper™ product line, call toll free 866-336-8665 or email: buxtools@cclipper.com

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